Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winners at Homesense!

Did you get that little title joke there?  Because they are both owned by the same company?  haha...okay...

I've been slowly plugging along working on my bedroom (really so far all that's done is the painting).  I have lots of inspiration pinned on Pinterest, and one thing I know for sure I want to do is get a bigger nightstand.  I currently have the same one that I used when I was a child and all it holds is a lamp and my alarm clock.  If I'm reading a book, it does not get a nice place on the nightstand, it has to go on the floor.  I wanted to update the nightstand (a project I'm currently working on!) and get a new, fancy lamp.  For Christmas, one of my tutoring students gave me a gift card to Winners. I went on a little shopping trip with my mom to see what we could find.

Let's just say it was one of those shopping days where you hit every deal and sale possible.  Don't you just love those days when they are unplanned?

I found a super, cool linen-covered box, with a lid and handles for $9.00 at Homesense.  I have been looking for a new box for AGES to replace a dirty, old white one I have from IKEA.  I love its faux wood look too, and at nine bucks I couldn't pass it up!

Then I found this awesome lamp in the lighting section.  But the shade had a dirty mark on it.  I considered trying to get a discount on the price (but it was already on clearance, probably because of the stain) and then cleaning it when I got home, but decided it wasn't worth the trouble.  There's a Winners store near my house, so we made a trip there to see if they had anything else, or even possibly the same lamp, since I really did love it.  By now I had decided I was going to use my giftcard for a new lamp.  Well, wouldn't you know Winners had the exact same lamp!  I was so excited!  But the shade was all dented in...boooo...nooooo.  I was bummed. The store manager happened to be within earshot and heard me lamenting the state of the shade and offered to let me swap lamp shades with any other lamp in the store.  After hemming and hawing, and walking away twice, I found one that I think works better than the original.  And that's how I walked home with this beauty! After my gift card, it only cost me $15.00!

Since my new lamp was going on my nightstand, my current bedside lamp was going to be moved to my dresser, since I have no overhead lighting in my bedroom.  So we made a quick dash into Bouclair to see if they had a lampshade I had seen on their website.  They didn't (bummer) but I did find another patterned one that was on sale.  What I didn't realize was that the store was closing (I'm so sad about this, and as I'm writing this now the store has officially closed) so I got 70% off the price.  I got the lampshade for $8.00. Can't beat that!  So my old lamp got a little eight dollar makeover.

I can't wait for the whole room to come together!  It's slow going, but maybe by the summer the reveal will be ready.  If summer EVER gets here! #sotiredofwinter

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