Sunday, March 9, 2014

Birthday Festivities

Last week was my birthday!  Those of you that follow me on Instagram saw some preview pictures the day of, but here is a short rundown of the day!

My mom and sister tried to plan a surprise party for me last weekend, but sadly it didn't pan out.  I did receive some lovely flowers from my friend Danielle in Nova Scotia!  That was an awesome surprise and so nice of Danielle and her husband to send.  There's nothing like the smell of fresh flowers in the house after this LONG winter.

I also got a pretty rose plant from my Dad.  It's tradition for him to give flowers or a plant to each of us on our birthday :)

So instead of a party, I went out for dinner with my family to a Chinese food buffet (my favourite!) followed by some bowling.  It's been ages since I've bowled but it was super fun!  Check out those glow in the dark shoes!

We came back to my parents' house for some cake and presents.  I had joked a few weeks earlier that I wanted a Cookie Monster cake.  Well, my mom didn't take it as a joke and made such a cool cake!  Isn't it awesome?!

My students were also very sweet and sang happy birthday to me during our morning rehearsal, and I got a handmade card from another.  I'll be sad when this job ends in June!

This week is March break here so I'm hoping to get some projects done and a few more blog posts written. But, it's also awesome just to relax so we'll see how it goes! :P


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