Thursday, December 26, 2013

Live From B5 Turns 2!

Happy Birthday to Live From B5!  This little blog has been going for two years now!  I honestly didn't know I had that kind of dedication to keep something like this going for that long!  December 26, 2011 marked the first post at Live From B5.  Here are some awesome stats from the past year!

119 - the number of published posts written on Live From B5 to date (I only wrote 42 this year though!  Such a slacker!  I need to step it up in 2014.  Last year: 77).

1500 - the average number of hits Live From B5 receives in a month. (The same as last year...way to keep it regular guys)

27 832 -  the total number of hits Live From B5 has received all year. (That's a 64% increase over this time last year!  Impressive!)

44 832 - the total number of hits Live From B5 has received to date.
13 508 - the total number of hits the most popular post has received (Former Lack to Corner Shelf Hack).

93 - the total number of comments left by you lovely readers!

2 days - the number of days of research and trial and error it took for me to create my house tour page. (NO joke...I hardly slept I was so obsessed with making it work)

1 year and 5 months - the number of months I've lived in my house!

Thank you so much for tuning in, and reading, and commenting on my little piece of the internet!  These numbers aren't huge compared to some blogs out there, but they are definitely more than what I expected my little blog to achieve in 2 years!  Here's to another year of DIY projects and inspiration!  Happy Birthday Live From B5! 

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