Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Trip to the Third World Bazaar

Last weekend I made our annual trip to the Third World Bazaar with my mom and sister.  Third World Bazaar is a family owned business in the Ottawa area that purchases products from around the world and then sells them directly to consumers.  They believe in fair trade and buy the majority of their products from the artisans and craftsmen in the source country.  They are only open 8 weekends a year, in October and November, so you have to be quick, otherwise you miss it!

I took some quick phone photos while I was there to show you all.  The bazaar takes place in a barn.  Combine that with the TONS of people in attendance and it made for some very quick photography in very tight spaces!

The section outdoors features some amazing root wood furniture, sculptures, and ceramics.

In the furniture room (which is actually an addition to the main barn), there are tables made from bicycle parts, hand-crafted wooden furniture and mirrors, an amazing hand-carved Moroccan archway, and I'd like to introduce you to O'Reilly...he sells for $675.

And if you're going to have giant busts, you must also have giant animals!
Here's Eddy the Elephant who weighs a whopping 363kg!

We can't forget my favourite, Freddy, the 3.35-meter high giraffe from Kenya.  He's the most expensive piece in the bazaar at $4500.

There are smaller animals that are more affordable :), as well as dishes, trays, cutlery, vases.  You name it, they probably have it!

There are also decorative lighting, wall art, pillows and textiles, and wall carvings.

We can't forget the Christmas corner or the clothing!

I came away with only 1 purchase that day.  I'd like you all to meet Stevie the VII.  He came with that name and I liked it so it stuck!  You can all call him Stevie.  He is made of tin and hails from Bali.  He greets me every time I come in my front door.  If you lift up his wings he's actually a candle holder.  He's fun, quirky, and a nice addition to the entry.

If you're in the Ottawa area, Third World Bazaar runs every weekend until the end of November.  Guaranteed you'll find LOTS of amazing things you won't find anywhere else!

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