Monday, July 22, 2013

Captain Hook and Some Extras

Before I had even moved in, I wanted to put hooks on the wall behind my front door.  Call me lazy, but having to hang my coat up on a hanger in a closet, every time I came in when I KNEW I was going to be going out again in a few hours, drove me crazy.  So I usually just threw my coat on my living room chair until I needed it again. A year later, and I have my hooks!

1 piece of pre-cut and pre-primed moulding from Home Depot (it might even have been a scrap piece, I'm not was about $7.00)

3 coats of white paint, measuring, and pre-drilling screw holes

4 hooks from Home Depot

The best place to hang your coats and bags!

I didn't get a picture of the board before we hung it on the wall and I don't want to give too much away just yet! You'll have to stay tuned in the next few days for a much better glimpse!  Promise! (Click here for the front entry reveal which features the wall hooks!)

In other news I just got back from a nice week-long vacation.  I went up to my parents' trailer near Chaffey's Locks.  It was so hot outside, but definitely the best summer weather we've had so far!  The highlight (or lowlight...) was this giant black rat snake.  The thing was 5 feet long and had slithered right under my lounge chair while I was reading!  I hate snakes and was terrified...ewww...

We had a bit of wild weather while we were there but nothing compared to what the condo faced at home.  I came home to this picture a colleague of mine posted on Facebook.  This is only a few streets over from my little home!  

Thank goodness it never turned into a real tornado and there was no damage.  My plants all blew over on my patio which required a good clean up on my arrival home, but luckily everything is still living.

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