Friday, July 12, 2013

Holy Smokes, I've Lived Here a Year

I can't believe how fast a year has gone.  This time last year I woke up to almost 35 degree heat on moving day...

It seems like just yesterday we loaded up the cars and the UHaul van, and I got the keys to my brand new house.

Here's how the condo looked exactly one year ago on moving day:

You can see more of the empty house pics and a complete moving day video tour here.  It's weird seeing those empty pictures because the place has come a long way in this past year:

My bedroom and den still have a ways to go yet, but they're coming along ;)

Some days it feels like I've been here for a long time, and other days it really doesn't.  When I was at my parents' house recently I went looking for the light switch in the bathroom on the inside wall (where it is in my condo) when it was really on the outside.  But on the other hand, in my kitchen, I am constantly turning around from my counter to get to the cutlery drawer (where it is in my parents' house) but in my house it's right in front of me already.  It's neat to look back and see how far rooms have come since moving in.  Lots of projects, some big and some small, have made the place feel more homey.  

There are still some projects I'd like to try and complete this summer while I have a bit more time...
  • Build a mirror for my front entry
  • Paint my bedroom
  • Finish some touch ups in the bathroom
  • Get some shelving and organization going on in my storage area!

Who knows what year two will bring but I hope it's as memorable as year one!  How about any of you?  Any big plans to tackle in the upcoming months or year?


  1. Lots of changes! It's really coming along nicely:) You living room is so cozy.. I could just cuddle right up in there!

    1. Thanks Jane! It's definitely my favourite place to hang out!


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