Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Parents' Master Bathroom Reno: Part 3

We're on to Part 3 - the tiling!  (You can still check out the demo and the drywalling.)

The shower walls are done in a linen-look porcelain ceramic tile.  They are separated by two bands of marble mosaic tile.

I love the shower floor covered in stone pebbles!

The floor tile is a porcelain ceramic in a light beige with a bit of white mottle in it.

Here's what it all looked like before everything was grouted.

And here it is after being grouted!  (I helped picked out the grout colour and I think it looks smashing if I do say so myself!)

There will still be some more tiling to do around the vanity for the backsplash.  I think it looks great so far!  I have a hard time visualizing what it's going to look like when it's done.  Maybe once the walls are painted I'll be feeling the vibe a little more.  Right now the room sort of looks like it's in its awkward teenage years...

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