Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Mini Vacay

The last three weeks have been completely insane for me, so I apologize for not posting more regularly.  I was lucky enough to snag a full-time teaching job for 3 weeks, and I've been asked to perform with the Ottawa Wind Ensemble for an upcoming concert.  Plus it was my mom's birthday, and Mother's Day, so things have been a little hairy!

The first weekend in May, however, I got out of the city and took the train to Toronto to visit my friend Sarah and her husband Aaron.  It was soooo awesome to not have any work responsibilities and to just enjoy the gorgeous weather with friends!

I got in late Saturday night, so Sunday morning we headed out for brunch and some exploring.  We had a lovely brunch at Chai on Bayview.  The food was delish and so fresh!

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We checked out some of the shops on the main street.  My favourite was The Elegant Garage Sale.  It's a consignment shop full of modern and antique pieces.  I totally felt like I was on an episode of Sarah Richardson's while inside!

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We also checked out Epi Breads.  BEST SMELLING SHOP EVER.  Not to mention the free sample of the cranberry loaf was to die for.

Epi Breads 
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Sarah just moved there a few months ago so it was nice to see their new place and check out the new neighbourhood.  It's super cute, and I'm jealous of their gorgeous tree lined streets with old houses.

I left on Monday afternoon, but not after a few more adventures!  I'm still working on getting the pictures uploaded so I'll get to posting those in the next few days!  It was a great, little, mini vacation.  Thanks for having me guys!

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