Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Target Adventure!

The beginning of May, when I was visiting my friend Sarah, one of the things we HAD to do was go to Target. That may sound silly to some of my United States readers, but we have never had Target in Canada.  Stores are starting to pop up around the country, but they have yet to arrive in Ottawa.  A bunch are in Toronto, so I knew we had to visit.  I wanted to see what all the hype was about and I wasn't disappointed!

Love Nate Berkus!  And if that tortoise shell had been in a different colour I would have been all over it.  (I totally thought it was ceramic...but it was plastic!)

How cute is this little green footstool?  And Sarah was smitten by these necklace holders.

And because I'm a super nerd, and had never seen it before, THEY HAVE A SEPARATE  ESCALATOR FOR YOUR SHOPPING CART!

I did make some purchases while I was there.  I got my mom some earrings for her birthday, a new t-shirt, and this cute glass bell jar from the clearance section.  It has a little glass dragon fly on top.  When I got it home, I made a fake terrarium to put inside it (thanks for the idea Sarah!).  I'll be doing a post on how to make your own terrarium in the next few days.  I love it up on my ladder shelf.

Such a fun little trip and I can't wait until Target is in Ottawa.  They have just enough different merchandise than other large box stores to make them stand out.  And their Dollar Section had some pretty good stuff in it too! One is opening up about 15 minutes away from me so it could be dangerous! 


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  1. So jealous! We are getting one on the island but not till 2014!


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