Monday, July 16, 2012

Moving Day(s)

The past 4 days have been a whirlwind and everyone is sooo tired.  Many of you have been asking for pictures so here's your play-by-play of my moving day (that spanned 4 days).

Thursday July 12th - CLOSING DAY
I got the call from my lawyer at 11:00am saying my keys could be picked up!  I had been to see her the previous day to sign my occupancy papers.  I'm in interim occupancy right now, which means I have to wait until more people move in and the building becomes registered to the condo owners.  Right now, the builder still owns it.  So I'm paying what is similar to rent, even though I own my unit, for the next two months.  Come September, my mortgage will kick in and interim occupancy will be over. 

Anyway, that's the boring stuff.  I got my keys and my mom and I loaded up our two cars for the first of many trips back and forth.

Did I mention it was 34 degrees outside that day?  It was so hot.  I'm pretty sure we all lost a lot of water weight over the weekend with the amount of sweating that took place!  But I'll take heat over rain anyday.

We arrived and there was a nice surprise waiting on the kitchen counter.  The builder had left me a welcome package that included cleaning supplies, some chips, and a gift certificate for pizza.

Then the unpacking began for the rest of the day!  My sister suprised me and took the day off work.  She showed up in the afternoon to help!  Thanks Court!

This is how we all pretty much felt and the end of that day.  Courtney had just finished building the table for my balcony, and was pretty dead...

Friday July 13th
Got up bright and early and drove over to the condo (my bed still hadn't been brought over yet.)  At 8:00am the technician was there to install my internet.  Around 1:00 the appliances showed up and were installed.

Friday night I had to work, so my parents and my sister starting bringing my furniture over.  We had rented a U-Haul van for all the big stuff. 

We gave everyone nicknames for the move.  My dad was T-Rex (since he was the biggest and strongest), my mom was Mastadon (no idea...), my sister was Beast (she is surprisingly strong) and I was...wait for it...Guppy.  Yes, I was named after a tiny fish because I was weak and floppy...not the name I was hoping for...

The Beast and T-Rex in action:

And this was my reaction when I got home!  They had my living room all set up!  (You'll have to wait for the interior photos for a later post, hehe)

Saturday July 14th
The last few remaining pieces of furniture were brought over as well as my clothes.  If you ever need to move clothing, I totally recommend the Dead Body Technique.  Spread a sheet out on the floor and lay your clothing down, hangers included, on top of each other.  Don't make the piles too big though because they get surprisingly heavy!  Roll the sheet up as if you're wrapping a dead body on CSI.  Here's the dead body technique in action.

That night my upstairs neighbours had a party.  They fit 40 people inside a 900 sq. ft. condo!  How do I know how many people attended...I counted the pairs of shoes outside the is the quickly snapped photo when I thought we had maxed out at 29.  I was very wrong.  Luckily, I think it was a one-time house warming/blessing event and is not going to be a regular occurrence!

Sunday July 15th
I got a visit from the Welcome Wagon for my community, and received some discounts and free items from the surrounding businesses.  Obvisouly, we continued to unpack and set stuff up, as well as getting groceries.

The next few days will be spent finishing up the last few boxes and purchasing some stuff that I don't have (like saran wrap...clearly a necessity).  I'll have some pictures of how the place looks so far in the next few days!  In the meantime, here's the grand tour before I moved in :)


  1. Wow! Looks like a ton of work and I can't imagine doing it in this HEAT! Gosh. Everything looks so shiny and new at your place. When Hubs and I bought our townhouse, it was horrible. We couldn't even really live here, we got to renovating right away.

  2. Looks great so far Mel! Can't wait for the updated pictures and to come and see it for myself. xo

    PS. I really like how Long Dog made an appearance in the photo shoot

    1. He insisted he ride up front...he's pushy like that. Hoping to get some updated pictures soon! Just a few boxes of little things left!


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