Thursday, July 19, 2012

The View So Far

Many of you have been asking to see some interior photos now that I've been moved in for a week!  Man, time sure flies.  There's so much still left to do, but for now, it's totally liveable, and I definitely have some new projects on the long-distance horizon!

Front Entrance - I can't wait to put up some hooks so my purse and bags don't have to be chucked on the floor.

Entry Table - Not sure all these accessories are going to stay here, but I needed a place to put stuff!

Living Room - can't wait to paint that lamp!

Dining Area -

Kitchen - Need to clean up the corner of the breakfast bar, remove the sticker on the oven door (why do they do things like that?!), and repaint the bar stools.  I also repaired my own dishwasher today, score one for me!

Bathroom - Total disaster zone but at least you can walk in the door now.  I do not have enough storage so everything is piled on the counter, under the sink, and anywhere else I could find!  I plan on making a little trip to IKEA for some shelving and a bathroom cabinet.  Also, towel bars and a toilet paper holder are a must.

The Den - All my wall art is currently piled in here, as is all my sheet music.  I have a cabinet I need to finish and bring in to hold my music.  The bookshelf likely won't stay decorated like this either, just needed a place to put stuff again!

Bedroom - I have a corner shelf to build and must replace the generic images in my frames...who wants 4 saxophones on their wall?

Balcony - All my plants are just stuck out here right now until I figure out where to put them.  My big, blue potted one though is staying right there so I can see it from inside!  I'm hoping to find some blue outdoor pillows at an end of season sale in the fall to spruce it up a bit.

So there it is so far!  I really like how bright it is.  I can't stand all the builder's white paint though,  I'm craving colour!  But that likely won't happen for a few more months just to give the place some time to settle.  Hopefully I'll figure out some curtains too, it's like living in a fishbowl right now!

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