Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Parents' Bedroom Reveal!

It's finally time to reveal my parents' bedroom!  It's been a work in progress since April, and it has officially all come together now.  My before pictures are a little weird, since some of them are taken when all the furniture was moved into the centre of the room for painting, but at least you'll get the idea that we went from nasty peach/pink carpet and brown walls, to super relaxing and glam!

Here's the original flooring and paint colour before:


My parents put the laminate flooring in themselves.  It's hard to photograph, but the flooring has flecks of blue and grey in it which matches the walls really nicely.  The wall colour is Verdigris by Behr.

Don't forget the hole in the wall we had to fix!

The bed before:

After:  The pillow fabric is from Tonic Living, the bed quilt and shams are from Winner's and the 4 bird images are from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and the rug is from Lowes.  My mom made the headboard a couple of years ago.  My DIY faux bois vase found a home on the night stand!  You can also see the awesome homemade bedskirt.

Here's the before of the right side of the room again.  You'll also notice the old school dresser behind the door, the bookshelves we turned into wardrobes, and the bench turned upside down on the bed.


The left side of the room.  Again, super old dresser my dad had been using!  (You can also see the back of the new-to-me flip-out sofa)

After:  There's the chair mom recovered, and the dresser has been replaced with an IKEA floor mirror.

We love just standing in the doorway and admiring the room!  It sure came a long way!


  1. great job transforming the bedroom! everything just goes together... wish my bedroom could look just even a fraction of this! .. been on your blog for the past 15 minutes now.. loving all the diy posts and congrats on the condo!

  2. Wow what a transformation I love this space. It looks like a great space to retreat and relax! I am visiting from Favorite Paint Colors!

    1. Thank you! It turned out great and they are still loving it! Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

  3. I absolutely loved the chair project, there are some steps i wasn't sure how you did it, i will have to go back to it, thanks.


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