Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Long Weekend Lounging

I just loves me a long weekend.  It would also appear that being away from work for 4 days makes me incapable of using proper grammar as well.  But I digress...

This weekend was awesome since I didn't have to be anywhere, work, etc. so I got to just sit back and relax.  The weather was AMAZING!!  The crocuses (croci?) have come and gone, but the grape hyacinths are starting to come in!

My sister came over on Saturday and stayed for the weekend.  She got an ice cream maker for her birthday so we knew we had to try it out!  It took a bit of figuring out (we didn't have the bucket cold enough at first) but it turned out great and was delicious!  You can find the recipe for the mint chocolate variety we made here.  We left out the spinach and added food colouring instead.  Also added WAY more mint extract to make it minty enough (3-4 times more!) and used honey to sweeten.  I highly recommend it!

Sunday was gorgeous outside.  I pulled out the patio chair and read on the deck while our turkey was cooking.  I even got a slight sunburn!  All this while my poor Maritime friends were getting a snow storm...Sorry guys!

Images courtesy of The Weather Network

Our Easter dinner was great.  My third time cooking Easter dinner was a success!  One of my sister's friends joined us and we had a nice evening filled with food, wine, and hot tubbing!  (This is a picture of last year's dinner.  I didn't get a photo of this year...but suffice it to say it looked pretty much the same!)

Also, I got some fabric samples in from Tonic Living!!  So exciting!!!  I've been looking for some fabric to convert an old coffee table into an ottoman (I'm loving the solid brown one below), and a fabric to use as a border for my idea of making curtains out of drop cloths (also loving the green sort of checkerd one.  It looks tan, but it's actually a pale green.).  I'll keep you posted!  I really liked the pink pattern to make some bolster pillows for my den (since I thought it would go great with my Electric Blue paint colour), but I'm not sure if I'm loving the cream lines...I was hoping they would be white.  I'm on the fence if I should hold out for a pink and white colour combo or if this would look good.  I'm thinking I may keep looking.  Thoughts?

What were you all up to this past weekend?  Perhaps you spent it shovelling snow or basking in the sun?  Any good projects you're working on or was it a weekend of relaxing?  Try any new recipes?  I'd love to hear!


  1. It looks like we are drinking gravy with our Easter dinner!

  2. Hey, I'm in Ottawa too! And it's kind of funny because I almost picked the pale green fabric (bottom right) for an upholstery fabric awhile ago. I brought home a sample from Kessels Upholsterers, but ended up going with a brighter fabric.

  3. Hi Tanya! I love hearing from other Ottawa folk! I was just at Kessels the other day :P I decided to use the pale green one as a border on my curtains. I needed something not quite as splashy.


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