Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter!

I must confess I've never been one to get excited over Easter. Or Hallowe'en for that matter. But that's for another post. I just don't like all the pastel colours and the kitchy decorations (which is funny since I used to collect rabbits when I was younger. What was I thinking?) But this year I managed to find some decor ideas that are a little more nontraditional but still bring about that Easter-spring-is-finally-here feeling! 

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Simple but classic.

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More simple mantel decor.
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

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Not your average eggs (or egg tree).  Lovely!

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I just realized this is my second framed bunny silhouette on this post!  I think it brings a more modern touch.

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I couldn't resist posting these.  GORGEOUS!!!
Source: via Temika on Pinterest

Have a great long weekend everyone.  Happy Easter!

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