Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Cat Bought Me a Gift...(And It Wasn't a Hairball)

Hi all!  Well, it was my birthday on Sunday, and it was a great day filled with hot tubbing, lots of food, cake and presents.  I'm now a year older and looking forward to the year ahead!

I wanted to show you all some of my gifts from the sweet people in my life! :)

Gift:  Pink Daisies
Why I Love It:  Every year, since I was little, my Dad has got me flowers, or a plant, for my birthday.  It's a birthday tradition in our house!  They add a nice pop of colour, smell good, and remind me that spring is coming!!

Gift:  Pear
Why I Love It:  Months ago, I was shopping with my mom and sister at Homesense, and there was this giant pear.  They suggested I buy it, since the green matches my colours in my kitchen/living room area.  Well I didn't.  And then couldn't stop thinking about that pear.  This pear though, is slightly smaller, but has an awesome texture, and I love its little metal stem and leaf! 


Gift:  Glasses
Why I Love It:  What's not to love?  I got six of each size, and they came from the DOLLAR STORE.  Dollar Store presents are the best!!

Gift:  Kettle
Why I Love It:  I had to throw my old one out.  It had definitely seen better days...and I bought it almost 10 years ago so I guess I was due for a new one!  This will match my appliances!

Gift:  A Silicone Whisk
From:  My Sister's Cat, Beans (or Kitteh as I call her, you know, with a French accent)
Why I Love It:  The clever packaging had me laughing quite a bit!  You will also notice the first card in the picture above...also from the cat.

Thank you so much, and have a great week everyone!  March Break is coming up soon, I can't wait!

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