Thursday, March 7, 2013

Makeup on Shelf, Not on Toilet...Check!

So, if you've been around these parts for a while now, you know that I have been working on fixing up the bathroom to include better storage and give it a more personal feel rather than the generic standard condo bathrom layout.

If you're new to B5, here's what my bathroom looked like before:

You'll notice the complete lack of storage, and my makeup was being stored in a basket on the back of my toilet.

Well no more!!

I put up some Grundtal glass shelving from IKEA and installed them over my toilet.  They don't stick out too far, and you can see through them.  This helped to keep the bathroom feeling open.  I was worried with the Lillangen shelving unit across from the toilet and the shelving it would seem too closed in, but the glass just disappears into the wall!

Here's a few shots of how it looks now:

I love that my makeup and bath products now have a real home where I can access them easily. 
Here is how the list looks now, with links to the completed projects for you to check out:
So close to being done!  I think I may even have a lead on a new light fixture...the end is in sight!

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