Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Tidbits

First of all, I'd like to welcome everyone visiting B5 from DIY Showoff!  Thanks to Roeshel for featuring my coffee table to ottoman project on her blog!  You can read my original post here and see my ottoman featured with other great DIY projects here.

I can't believe February is almost over!  One more week and it's March!  I can't wait for spring to get here.  I'm so over the snow and cold.  A few weeks ago I went out skating on the Rideau Canal with my friend Lynn, then met up with my sister and some friends for Winterlude.  It's the big winter festival here in Ottawa.  There are ice sculptures, snow and ice slides, and you can't forget about the yummy Beavertails!  (don't worry, they're just a pastry!  No beavers were harmed in the making of the best winter treat ever.)   We skated the whole length of the canal (about 15.6km!), the world's longest skating rink.

Family Day was last Monday and it was an amazing day of me sleeping in, not getting dressed, and watching countless episodes of the West Wing.  My family wasn't here so I don't feel bad about spending it alone, haha.  I love the West Wing!  There may be some days where I forget Martin Sheen is not the president of the United States....  I only have 4 episodes left before I finish the series.  I don't know what I'll do with myself when it's over *sigh*

West Wing - allison-janney Photo    

I haven't done too many projects around the house lately which is bumming me out.  I've been really busy between teaching, tutoring, IKEA, and playing in band.  I've been asked to fill in with the Ottawa Wind Ensemble for their upcoming concert, so that's another night during the week that I'm out to rehearsal.  If you're in the Ottawa area it should be a great concert, and it's also a fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation (information can be found here).

Stay tuned though!  The condo is getting a makeover in the upcoming week!  I'll be sure to share the transformation with you!!

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