Saturday, February 16, 2013

Book Smarts - The Handbuilt Home

by Ana White

If you have never heard of Ana White, you need to go visit her blog RIGHT NOW!  Ana is a DIY extraordinaire and the author of her own blog  Ana builds her own furniture (which always look amazing!) based on existing high-end retail pieces, and then graciously provides her building plans on her blog.  The Handbuilt Home is a collection of 34 of her woodworking projects.

The book is divided into rooms, such as the entryway, family room, dining room, kitchen and bath, office and craft room, bedroom, children's room, and outdoor furnishings.  Each chapter has between 3 and 5 projects that are broken down into skill level, cost, and time necessary to complete the project.

The colour photos of the finished projects are full-paged and are styled so pretty!

What I enjoy the most about the book is that Ana includes a lot of getting started information.  Even if you have never held a hammer, she makes you believe that you can build anything!  There are helpful tips and tricks for tools, materials, painting, staining, and hardware, as well as basic building techniques for building, types of wood cuts, and finishings.  She's even gone as far as providing the cut list for the wood so you can just take it to the hardware store!

I definitely recommend this book for anyone that wants beautiful wood furniture at the fraction of the cost of the real deal!

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