Friday, November 9, 2012

Book Smarts - Design*Sponge at Home

by Grace Bonney


If you love Design*Sponge the blog by Grace Bonney, then you will love Design*Sponge the book!  I have been wanting to do a Book Smarts post on this book for so long, but it's so popular that it took me forever to get it, and then another forever to read it!

D*S at Home is 400 pages of awesome.  It features 65 home tours, 50 DIY projects, and 50 Before and Afters.  I think what I loved about this book the most was the fact that you don't have to live in a big city or have a big budget in order to make your home special and your own.  Inspiration can be all around you, and in unexpected places.  What I love most about DIY-ing is coming up with these visions and ideas of projects and then figuring out how to make them work.  Being creative and using your own two hands can really go a long way!

Sneak Peaks takes us on a tour of 65 homes all around the world.  The photos are amazing!

DIY Projects include the cost, time needed, and difficulty level for each.  There are plenty of projects for beginners to more advanced DIYers.  Some of my favourites from the book you can also find on Grace's blog.


Bleach-Dyed Towel

The Before and After section includes cost, time needed and difficulty level as well.  It's amazing what some people can do with a can of paint and a glue gun!  You'll have to read the book to see some sneak peaks of these bad boys!

There are also chapters devoted to floral arrangements, DIY basics, and a resource guide.

Love, love, love this book!!  Definitely check it out!

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