Friday, August 1, 2014

DIY Picture Frame Tray

I wanted to find a tray for my kitchen to hold my sugar bowl, and my oil and vinegar bottles.  I looked everywhere for either a lucite one or a turquoise one.  And as fate would have it, as soon as you start looking for something specific it can never be found!

My mom had some old picture frames lying around from when we moved my grandparents into their residence.  It was unique, with a pretty border.  But I hated the brass colour.  Sorry guys, still not jumping on the gold/brass bandwagon!

I removed the clips and stand from the back with a pair of pliers.

Then it was simply a matter of spray painting the frame.  I used Krylon's indoor/outdoor Ocean Breeze.

I made a chevron pattern, and printed it from my computer.  Then put the whole frame back together. 

Makes a great tray if I do say so myself!  And it only cost $5.00 for the paint!

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