Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bathroom Reveal

My bathroom is tiny with no natural light.  Just enough room for a vanity, a tub and a toilet.  In fact, taking these pictures was ridiculously hard because nothing would fit in the frame of the photo!  When I first moved in, the only storage I had was under the sink.  Needless to say it was a bit of a nightmare.  There were no hooks and no towel bars either.  You may recall that I kept my makeup on the back of the toilet...and I put my makeup on under the ever so fashionable Hollywood lighting.

My bathroom needed some help.  Here's how it looks today.

A lot has happened in here.  First, I added a piece of fabric to the bottom of my shower curtain so it would go all the way to the floor.  I loved this curtain because it had mesh at the top which allows more light in the shower area.  I totally got the idea from a hotel I stayed in!

I purchased glass shelves, hooks, a new mirror, and storage cabinet from IKEA.  Desperately needed them. Removing the builder mirror proved quite a challenge too since it was glued to the wall!

The Hollywood vanity lighting was replaced with a new fixture.

Storing toilet paper is super easy in a clear glass vase.

Here is a resource list for everything in the room:

Paint: Verdigris (Behr)

Mirror: IKEA Lillangen series
Cabinet: IKEA Lillangen series
Hooks: IKEA Lillholmen
Shelves: IKEA Grundtal

Vanity Light: Lowe's

Clear Vase: Walmart
Green Geometric Box: Homesense
White Wicker Box: Bouclair
Shower Curtain: Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Shower Mat: Homesense

Not having to store my toiletries and makeup on the back of a toilet = priceless.  One day I think I would like to change the faucet to one that doesn't stick out quite so far into the sink, but I haven't found one that I like, for a price I like.  I might also consider putting a tile backsplash around the back of the sink. Nonetheless, I'm happy with how it turned out!

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  1. You've made a lot of changes! It's hard to remember what it used to look like. It must feel great seeing how much more functional you've made it. =)



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