Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Parents' Master Bathroom Reno: Part 4

Okay, demo is done.  Drywalling is done.  Tiling is done.  With a little break in the reno for our vacation a few weeks ago, it's time to get back at it!

The mudding and sanding of the walls has been completed.

You can just see it in the corner of the above picture, the glass shower enclosure has been installed!  Isn't this so nice?  I'm jealous.  I can't wait to test this puppy out one day.

The cabinets are going in on the opposite wall.

The skylight got drywalled too!

Then the painting happened.  Finally this room is starting to come together!  It's the same shade of blue as the bedroom.  Verdigris by Behr.

I love it.  I can never get over how a coat of paint can make a room feel so much bigger, lighter, and airier.

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