Thursday, August 1, 2013

Front Entry Reveal

The front entry came together rather quickly.  And by quickly I mean in a span of a few consecutive months rather than a span of several!

It started out very white, plain, and boring...

The it got a fresh coat of paint, some beadboard wallpaper, and a kick-butt stencil!  Now the entry is DONE!

My favourite part is the giraffe hanging out in the middle.  He is actually a door knocker given to me by my sister.  I can't put him on my front door so this was the next best thing :)  And if my neighbours get really loud I can just bang him against the wall (just kidding, maybe...!)

I created the printables in Photoshop and printed them out myself to be framed.  I got the red and black frames from IKEA at 50% off.  They are the Nyttja series and were $1.00 each.  Big spender I know... The lip on the top of the shelf isn't that thick, so I put some Sticky Tac on the backs of the frames to hold them in place in case someone slams the door really hard and it shakes the wall.

The stencil is what really makes the front hall pop.  It was a labour of love, and my sister was a huge help in getting that project completed.  I love it and it turned out exactly as I wanted it to.  The wallpaper also adds just a tiny bit of character to this builder-basic entry.

It's great having a place to hang my coats and my purse when I come home now, instead of just throwing them on the floor or a chair.

And the boot mat that I made last winter out of rocks is still holding strong through all the seasons.

I blogged about the making of the light fixture and I couldn't be more thrilled with it.  It's so interesting and unique!

Here is a resource list of everything in the room:

Paint: Camouflage (Benjamin Moore).  The stencil is done in a generic flat black
Stencil: pattern printed from While They Snooze
Wallpaper: Style Selections Beadboard Paintable Wallpaper (Lowe's)
Chair Rail and Corner Round: Home Depot

Light Fixture
Capiz Candle Holder: Homesense
Ceiling Canopy: found in my parent's basement!

Hook Board
Board: Home Depot
Hooks: Home Depot

Boot Mat
Tray and Rocks: Dollar Store

Giraffe Door Knocker: gift from my sister! (but I believe he came from Anthropologie)
Frames: IKEA
Door Mat: Walmart
Printables: created by me!

This is the first "room" in the condo that is totally finished.  It's awesome that I get to see it everyday when I come home :)

Want to read about the front entry redo from the beginning?  Here is a list of all the published posts along the way!


  1. Hey Mel-

    How do you find your boot tray works? I am thinking of doing the same for this coming winter at our new place. Does it get groady when it's wet? Do you have to maintain it at all?

    1. I works great! Because the rocks are coloured you don't really notice when they get dirty. But if you do, you can just throw them in the sink and rinse them. All the salt and gravel falls to the bottom so you don't have to look at the unsightly dried salt on the mat! And let's be honest, I haven't cleaned the rocks or the mat since I made it :P

  2. Looking good! :) I love how it all came together to make a small space have so much wow factor. What's next? ;)



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