Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Parents' Master Bathroom Reno: Part I

You may remember last year when we redid my parents' bedroom.  It looks awesome, and even a year later still looks the same!

The next big job to tackle was the master bathroom.  It too was painted the old orange-y tone and had vinyl flooring my dad and previously laid.  Here are a few before shots:

It had a Jacuzzi tub straight ahead when you walked in, and a stand up shower on the right.  The sink and vanity were to the left and the toilet was in its own little nook between the tub and the sink.  Well, this 25 year old bathroom was in need of a  facelift.  The shower door needed replacing, the faucets were extremely dated, the Jacuzzi tub was hardly ever being used, not to mention my Mom hated that her toilet and sink were grey and not white.  (They came that way, don't worry.  We didn't do anything weird to them over the years to make them turn grey!)

So with the DIY spirit, my Dad took to demoing the bathroom on his own.  Out came the tub, toilet, and shower.

There were a few hiccups along the way, like discovering where the ants lived that were always being killed on the bathroom floor, or the moldy insulation, or where the water was occasionally leaking and rotting the wood underneath, or that the shower floor was on a concrete slab and there was no way of busting through it without making our family room ceiling underneath collapse...

A good dose of raid killed those bad boys (all those black spots...ants...GROSS).  Check out the puddle...also GROSS.

Here's a shot of the vanity side after the demo had started.  They used the bathroom...although just the sink, since the demo stage...

It was decided to call in the pros.  It was going to take too much work and too much time to continue it as a DIY project.  So this week the contractors are in to start the work.  So here it is all cleared out awaiting their arrival!  (Sorry for the quality of the photos...they were taken on my phone late at night!)

As my Mom sends me the pictures of their progress I'll be sure to post the updates!

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