Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2 Cool Tips I Learned from Pinterest

I'm sure there are way more than 2 that I've learned, but these are the two that I have put into practice in my own home and they work!

1)  Need to put your hair straightener away (or pack it) and it's still hot?  Put a pot holder around it!  Courtesy of my sister as a Christmas present last year, just fold a pot holder in half longways, and sew it in place.  It's meant to get hot from pots so it can take the heat of the straightener while it is cooling off.

2)  As part of my bathroom re-organization, I needed to find a place to keep my hair dryer, straightener, etc.    I grabbed some 3M hooks and stuck them on the inside of the cabinet door under the sink.  They have worked perfectly and have yet to fall down!  Best part is, they are removable, so there is no permanent screws needed!


Best finds on Pinterest yet!  Anyone else have some tips that have proven useful that you've found on Pinterest?


  1. I just learned that you can cut down pool noodles and use them as boot shapers- so cheap!

  2. ooooo totally going to pool noodle my boots this summer


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