Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Live From B5 Turns 1!

Happy Birthday to Live From B5!  I can't believe this little blog has been going for a year.  December 26, 2011 marked the first post.  Here are some awesome stats from the past year!

77 - the number of published posts written on Live From B5.

1500 - the average number of hits Live From B5 receives in a month.

17,700 -  the total number of hits Live From B5 has received all year.

7308 - the total number of hits the most popular post has received (Former Lack to Corner Shelf Hack).

57 - the total number of comments left by you lovely readers!

5 - the number of months I've lived in my house!

Percentage of Page Hits by Country:

I think it's cool that a blog I started as a means of showing friends and family the progress on my new house has turned into a fun pastime and is being read by people all over the world!  Thank you so much for tuning in, and reading, and commenting!  These numbers aren't mind-blowing huge, but they are definitely more than what I expected my little blog to achieve.  Here's to another year of DIY projects and inspiration!  Happy birthday Live From B5! 

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