Monday, October 1, 2012

Let Me Introduce....Bert

Here is Bert back when I moved in:


His full name is Bertby, and he is a discontinued cabinet from IKEA that I got on Kijij for 60 bucks. He's supposed to be mounted inside the wall, between the studs. I didn't want to cut a hole in the wall, so he went for some reconstructive surgery and had some legs attached (the IKEA Capita legs). Now he stands tall and proud displaying my wine glasses.

I've been enjoying the idea of marbelized paper lately, and when I heard Canadian Tire was selling marbelized contact paper, I made a little trip over there and picked up a whole roll for 5 dollars.  It's green and grey.

Contact paper is neat in that it is patterned on one side and has an adhesive on the other. It's removable as well, so if I get tired of the look I can just switch it out. We measured Bert's dimensions, then transferred that to the contact paper, cut it out, then slowly and methodically stuck it down. It's important to get the bubbles out, so we just did little sections slowly and kept rubbing it down with a dish cloth as we went.

And here is Bert all dressed up! He won't blend in nearly as much once the wall is painted.

Best part is, he got a fancy light to make himself even more attractive at night. The pictures don't do him justice (it's quite hard to get a good shot at night!). He really is a handsome fellow now.

The light is not blue, it just photographs that way from a distance for some reason.  But it casts a nice glow!  It's battery operated and you just push it to turn it on or off.  We already owned the light so this was a nice little makeover for cheap!

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