Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Colour Love: Electric Blue

I have come across my new favourite paint colour, and I have also decided it must have a place in my house!  It is Benjamin Moore's Electric Blue.

My sister had sent me the colour as a joke, saying I should paint my den with it.  Well, the joke was on her because I love it!  Here is the room that I am using as my inspiration (via Armonia Decors):

So I'm now on the hunt for some really great pink fabric that I can use to make some throw pillows, and some white fabric to slipcover my sofabed (since my den will double as an office/guest room). 

And for all you Sex and the City fans, Carrie's blue apartment in the movie is painted with Electric Blue!

I haven't given another thought to paint colour for any other room in my house.  Any thoughts on this paint choice?  I've never done something so vibrant before, so I hope I don't chicken out!  I might end up doing three walls blue, and then the fourth a more neutral colour since you will see it from the rest of the condo.  Anyone else have colours they are loving right now?


  1. Love love love! I really like it with the white, but if you want a more 'moody' look, I like a bright blue with grey as well.

    Happy someday painting! ;o)

  2. Yay! I'm glad someone else likes it! Yeah, I can't decide what to paint the fourth wall. I was thinking a lighter grey...not quite bright white, but not quite dark grey... haha. Still have some time to decide which is good :D

  3. I was not joking!! But I never thought you'd actually agree to it!

  4. I expect you to come help me paint since it was your idea, and I suspect you will be taking all the credit for it :P


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