Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Favourite Pillows (and a Dog Bed!)

Remember that fabric I bought a while ago?  Well, I finally put it all to good use and made some new pillows!  I must confess, I did not do the sewing.  I am a mean "sew-by-hand" sewer, but put me in front of a sewing machine and I have no idea what I'm doing.  So in reality, I designed the pillows (and did the research on how to sew button holes!) and my mom did the actual sewing.  Learning how to use a sewing machine is on my to-do list for sure!

I love the owls so much!  And the best part is the other side:

I bought the buttons at Michaels, and after practice sewing about 20 button holes, it turned out so great!  I bought all of my pillow inserts at IKEA.

We made 2 of these for either end of my couch.

I did not make this pillow...I bought it.  But the green matched so well that I couldn't pass it up!

This is perhaps the best find EVER.  Remember that super cute, flannel giraffe fabric that I loved?  Well, they didn't ship to Canada.  So one day I was in Winners and found the next best thing - a dog bed!  It's tufted, and sooo soft and fleecy (not to mention amazingly cheap too).  It will be perfect to curl up with in a chair!

I'm kind of loving this making pillows thing.  All of them (except the dog bed) have the ability to remove the insert so the cover can be washed.  The ones we made have a simple flap and/or buttons, and the green one I bought has a zipper. 

I'm on the lookout for some new fabric to do a few more for my den/office/spare room!

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