Friday, January 6, 2012

Fabric Fabric Fabric

I'm on a bit of a fabric kick lately.  Probably because I'm still on vacation and it's cold outside, so I spend most of my time cruising sites online looking at awesome designs!  My personal favourites are Designer Fabrics (they are based in Toronto which is great, since finding Canadian fabric suppliers online is quite tough.  While they have reasonable prices, I'm always looking for more of a steal than they offer!), and Joann Fabrics.  The latter two have AMAZING prices, but the shipping charges at sometimes aren't worth it, and Joann doesn't ship to Canada!  Boo.  BUT!!! In my searching last night, I discovered there is a Joann Fabric in Ogdensburg, NY, which is only an hour away!  I could make a total day of fabric shopping... I forsee a trip in the spring once the weather gets better!  Here's some that I've already purchased for some projects :)

(Designer Fabrics) 

(Designer Fabrics) 

(Joann Fabric - I was going to have this shipped to my friend's parent's house in South Carolina, but ended up finding an interesting replacement instead, I'll reveal it soon!)

(Rockland Textiles - fabric store in Ottawa)

I just think the owls are so cute!  And the giraffe fabric is actually a nursery fabric, and is a soft flannel.  It's perfect for me, since I have a great love of giraffes!  The black lines on the green fabric are flocked, so they give the material a nice textured look.  I have already started using all of these for some toss cushions - I'll be sure to show them off when they are done!


  1. Lovely, Mel! So jealous of the owls, and the flannel giraffe- I would do my whole house in flannel if there was no one here to stop me ;o)

    Have you checked out Spoonflower? ( You can design and order your own custom fabrics- so fun!

  2. Aren't the owls cute?! I thought they went so well with the stripes. I've never heard of spoonflower, but I just checked it out - it looks so neat! I'm definitely going to spend more time on that site! Thanks!


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