Monday, July 2, 2012

A Simple Bench

My mom's bedroom is almost done...finally.  Last week the window seat/bench was finished!  All that's left is to hang the curtains on one more window and make the bed skirt!  I'm hoping by the end of this week I'll be able to do the full reveal all in one post.

Here's what the window area looked like before.  The bench was an old IKEA purchase that had faded so badly in the window over the years!  The window sill still needed painting as well.

We used a piece of MDF wood to create the seat.  We cut foam and fabric to size.  The foam was glued down with spray adhesive.  (See the garbage can set-up there?  Very reminiscient of the ottoman stapling too, haha.  They come in handy!)

The fabric was wrapped and stapled on the underside of the MDF. 

And voila, it was done!

The bench and window got a coat of white paint, and the curtains were hung! 

Happy (belated) Canada Day!  Hope you all enjoyed this great long weekend!

Psst - To see the rest of the bedroom projects check out the chair, the wardrobes, the hole, and the bedskirt.  To see the final reveal click here.

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