Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm Goin' In....

Well actually, I'VE ALREADY BEEN IN!!!  This past Friday, I had my PDI, or Pre-Delivery Inspection, of my condo!  Basically, I walked around with an inspector and pointed out things that needed fixing or items that were incorrect from what I ordered.  Luckily, everything I found was cosmetic (no big scratches on the floors, or missing items) so there should be no reason why my closing date of July 12th should have to change!

I tried to get some pictures inside once we were done, some turned out better than others!  Don't mind the blue tape on the walls - those are areas that need to be repaired.  This is a pretty picture-heavy post, so beware!

The Outside

There will be a partition put up between my door and the window on the left hand side (from the house to the brick pillar).  It has not been installed yet.  Here's the balcony.

Inside the front door

The Living Room (as seen from the kitchen)

The Kitchen

Those two doors below lead to the laundry (on the left) and storage (on the right)

The Bathroom


The Den (these pictures are pretty bad...the room is so small it's impossible to photograph without it looking dumb!)

Voila!  Pretty nice eh?  My favourite part is the hardwood floors...I keep talking about them and exclaiming how gorgeous they are! I love the stain colour.  Won't be long now!

Pssst:  If you ever have to do a PDI or an inspection of a home, here are the two websites and checklists that I used:
My Great Big Life
Tarion Home Warranty

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