Friday, June 8, 2012

Construction Update: Is That a Cupboard I See?

I love construction updates, and it's been a while since my last one!  My closing date is 5 weeks away, and things are starting to come together!

The railings have been put up for the balconies.  The ashphalt has been laid for the front walkways too.  (Sorry it's so crooked!  It's challenging taking pictures out of car windows when the construction workers are there!)

Here's a close up of mine!  You can see the address numbers have been put up on the front post too.  The light is on in my kitchen and if you look closely, you can make out the faint, dark outlines of my cabinets.  That's also my air conditioner wrapped in black on my balcony.

The posts have gone in for our parking spots.  This is also where we can plug our cars in during those cold winter nights!

I had to include this last photo because it's so weird.  These guys were grading the front lawn of both my building and building C (the one pictured).  Again, we were trying to go quickly since there were a lot of people about.  Somehow, we managed to centre the church down the road perfectly in the car mirror.  Total accident.  I thought about cropping it out, but there's no way to achieve that again so I left it :P  These guys were great and were trying not to get in our picture, but we wanted them there!  They gave us a nice wave and a thumbs up!

I'm hoping that they will schedule my pre-delivery inspection soon so I can get some interior pictures!!

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