Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet My Big, Yellow Bird

Not this big, yellow bird....

but this yellow bird!

He's the new Kladsam mobile from IKEA!  I call him Iggy.  Originally, Iggy was meant to go on my balcony where he could swing in the breeze.  However, I didn't realize how high the ceiling is out there and I couldn't reach...even with a ladder and a chair... I knew his winter home was going to be in my living room, so I put him there for the time being.  Turns out he looks great there and I think he's found a permanent home!  

Iggy is not very heavy, so he's just suspended by some extra manila rope I had and a 3M hook stuck to the ceiling.  So far there's been no danger of him falling down and he has great conversations with his woodland squirrel friend too...  Is it possible to have too many animals in one location?

I love his bright, yellow colour, and he matches a lot of the other decor in the room, while still being original in his own right.

Best part is, it's like having a pet, but he doesn't make a peep, hehehe...

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