Sunday, June 9, 2013

Littlefoot Gardens is Back!

Before I moved into my condo, my mom and I had this amazing vegetable garden that produced such good crops year after year.  My friend Sarah named our vegetable patch "Littlefoot Gardens" and the name has stuck! (She's called me Littlefoot ever since we realized I have little feet...but FYI they are totally in proportion to my height and not that little :p)

I was worried by not having a yard that I wouldn't be able to grow vegetables and would miss out on one of my favourite summer activities.  Last year, I only grew flowers since I moved in the middle of the summer.  But I just knew I wanted my own little veggie garden again!  This summer marks the return of Littlefoot Gardens :)

I still have my pot of flowers for colour.  I love the pink in the gerbera daisies - they're my favourite!  In the green pot I have two jalapeno plants, then one patio tomato and another green pepper plant in the black pots.

I picked up the two hanging planters from IKEA.  The one on the left has green onions and the one on the right is full of buttercrunch lettuce.  I planted these from seed on a Monday, and by Thursday the lettuce was already sprouting! (Update: since drafting this post, both the lettuce and the onions are growing like gangbusters!)

Who wants to come over for dinner this summer?


  1. Yay for the return of Littlefoot Gardens! I will definitely be up for helping to eat some of the harvest again this year! :)


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