Monday, March 11, 2013

Birthday Time!

Thanks for all your comments regarding my coffee table to ottoman project, and a welcome to readers who are stopping by from Miss. Polly Rogers!  #33 on her Top 45 Best Charming Lifestyle DIY and Tutorials Ever, thanks Polly!

It was my birthday last week!

It was a good day.  I taught a full day at school, then went over to my parents' house where I met up with them and my sister.  It was an interesting night, mostly because of the "guest" or my "present" my sister brought!

Meet Cody!

He's an old english sheepdog, and belongs to a friend of my sister's.  She was dog sitting for the night and decided to surprise me with a 4 month old puppy.  Super friendly, and definitely a handful!  Things started out ok, then proceeded to get a little out of hand! haha

We had a nice Chinese food dinner, and my mom made me an awesome cake!

I got some great presents, like a windshield wiper, a heating pad, and some filters for my Brita water pitcher. Does not sound glamorous but definitely stuff I needed and asked for!  My sister got me a super cute trivet that now has a home in my kitchen, as well as a book that I think will come in handy :)

I'm always excited when my birthday comes around because I know spring is just around the corner!

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