Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reader Revamp - Ottomans

I'm super pumped to show you all a project completed by a reader who was inspired by one of my posts!

Lisa emailed me with some questions regarding my ottoman project which you might remember.  (If not, be sure to check it out, it was one of my most popular posts last year!)  She was inspired to create not one, but two of her own ottomans using some old tables, cushions and gorgeous fabric.  Here's a photo of her finished products.

I think they look great, and the cats sure seem to love them too!  My favourite part is the fabric, which are actually scarves she picked up while travelling.  They had been lying around the house, and this was a perfect way to give them a new lease on life.  The ottomans look so expensive and luxurious!  Lisa's blog is in Italian, so I had to translate it to get the full description.  But you can check out all of her tips here on her blog.  Thanks Lisa!

If you have been inspired by one of my posts, I'd love to see what you created as well!  You can email me at


  1. YEEEEE It so nice to see my kittens (and my ottomans!!!) on the other side of the "web-planet" :-) Thank you :-) PS. I begin to write in the blog again (I' ll try to do it in english, would be a nice exercice for me!!) and (if you don't mind... maybe I will ask you some quesions about blogspot (I am such a begginer with the whole thing!!) ciao ciao :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. I love ottomans and footstools as many people in the UK do. I just think they're great as there are many styles and varieties you can choose from to match with you room!


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