Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shower Curtain Makeover

The bathroom is coming along so well, I'm super pumped about how it's looking.  The mirror has been removed (so in the meantime I'm having to use my bedroom mirror for getting ready every morning!), the room has been painted, and now the shower curtain has had its makeover!  He received some extensions!

This is what the shower curtain looked like when I purchased it.

I love it for its waffly texture, the fact that it has a mesh area at the top to let extra light in, and, the liner is removable for easy washing.  The huge is WAY too short!  The rod is placed so high that the standard height of the curtain just isn't cutting it.  Plus, I am always nervous water is going to escape.

I loved the bird fabric my mom used as pillows on her bed, so luckily she said yes when I asked if I could borrow a strip for the bottom of the curtain.

Here's the shower curtain now!


Now I can scratch another thing off the good ol' bathroom to-do list!
  • Add a piece of fabric to the bottom of my shower curtain (notice how short it looks? Everything in my bathroom was made for a very tall person...)
  • Update the shower head (again, it is mounted so high that by the time the water reaches my head, only the ends of my hair get wet!)
  • Update the light fixture
  • Change out the mirror
  • Add some closed storage
  • Add towel hooks
  • Add some open shelving over the toilet
  • Paint
I love a little bit of coloured pattern in a bathroom!  How about you?


  1. I love the fabric you chose! Long shower curtains make me happy!

  2. This matches perfectly! It looks really great. Nice work. =)


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