Saturday, June 16, 2012

Undercover Couch

This couch lived in my parents bedroom for YEARS.  Like, I used to fold it out and sleep on it when I was 5.  And now all my guests are going to sleep on it! ha!  I can see you all lining up right now, wanting to experience the greatness of the flip-flop couch.  Really, it's pretty comfortable, just very low to the ground and very ugly.

When my mom told me I could have the couch for my house, the first thing I wanted to do was make a slip cover for it.  But, we didn't know how.  In the end, we decided to make the slip cover in two pieces so I can remove it when the couch needs to be folded out for sleeping.

I wanted the slipcover to be white (since I knew it would look good against the electric blue walls in my den), but I could never find cheap white fabric.  Well, one day I was in Walmart and had a magical thought...what if I used a queen-sized duvet cover?  So for $64 I bought this:

So much fabric for such a good price!

We spread the fabric out and cut out six pieces: three for the seat (the seat and the two sides) and three for the back (the back and its two sides).

I am not a sewer, so my mom sewed the two sides and the seat together.  The back hem was just left to tuck in between the seat cushion and the back.  I like this picture because you can see the subtle pattern on the farbic. 

We attached some velcro to the back of the couch and the side pieces to hold them in place.

The back was sewn the same way as the seat.  The two side pieces were sewn half way and allowed to hang down to cover the velcro.  The hem at the bottom of the back piece was tucked in between the two cushions as well.

It was not without it's problems (mainly sewing the rounded corners was very difficult!) but it turned out better than we thought it would!  And the best part is, we don't have to look at that ugly blue corduroy anymore! 

Pretty good for a $64 duvet cover if I do say so!

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