Thursday, August 6, 2015


I suppose it is now time to let the blogging world know that I decided to leave my job at IKEA this summer.  My last day was actually July 25th, so I've been on true summer vacation since then.  It was a hard decision to leave, but one I knew was coming.  Between teaching, tutoring, and IKEA during the school year, I rarely had downtime.  Sunday was my only day or evening off during the week, and it was usually filled with house chores like cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping.  Then Monday morning the crazy routine would start all over again!

By about May of this year I had hit a wall and needed a break.  What most people don't realize is that even though the store closes at 9, my department was often scheduled until 9:30 or 10:00pm.  But really that meant nothing, because we had to stay until all the orders from the day had been processed.  Sometimes that meant I was at work until 11:30 at night on busy days. After having been at school since 7:30 in the morning, I usually got a little grouchy by that point! I ended up taking a leave of absence from my job for the month of May.  It was the best decision I have ever made! I got to do things and hang out with family, friends, and coworkers that I never had time to do before because I was always working.  I got to cook more meals at home instead of reheating leftovers in a work microwave.  But the best part was being able to come home from school and not have to rush out the door to go somewhere else.  I was home for the night.

While I was off, I got offered two new jobs, both in the music and teaching field.  It was like the heavens (or my friends!) knew I needed a change!  While these jobs will also keep me busy come the fall, the hours are much more regular and reasonable, and they are in the field that I studied and want to pursue.  I went back to IKEA in June and submitted my resignation for the end of July.

While my job was long hours and sometimes back-breaking work, I did enjoy it.  My coworkers were great, and I will miss them a lot!  They are what made the job bearable sometimes!  And sadly no more employee discount #boo.  I won't miss the crazy customers and the insanity that is IKEA on a weekend though!  Thank you IKEA Ottawa for a great three and a half years :)


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