Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Long Time No See!

So....11 months since my last blog post....

I started this post back in January during exam week thinking I was going to get back into blogging...that totally didn't happen.  Between teaching, IKEA, and tutoring, blogging took a major back seat.  LOTS has happened and hopefully I can get some updates up on the blog and fill everyone in on the happenings both in my house and life!

I replaced the overhead light in my kitchen with a track light.  I had been wanting to do this for a really long time.  The single overhead didn't provide enough light, especially at night when I tried to do my dishes and half the sink was covered in a shadow.  Now every work station is illuminated!

My den has seen the biggest transformation.  The walls got painted a very bright blue!  The colour is Electric Blue by Benjamin Moore.  (It's the same colour as Carrie's apartment in the Sex and the City movie...that was an accidental discovery!)  It's not quite as offending on the eyes as the pictures make it seem ;)

I also picked up some discontinued Ikea bookshelves of Kijiji for super cheap.  They were originally pine, but I painted them white to contrast with the walls.

My sister found this shelving unit in the garbage this past summer.  (She finds the BEST trash...I am never this lucky.)  I took the legs off it, and painted it white also.

The furniture in my den got moved around to different walls, with the bookshelves serving as a built-in-type unit around my desk.  The garbage unit piece got flipped upside down and hung between the two bookshelves.  Now all my school books and resources will have a home!

Living Room:
You may remember when I went to Third World Bazaar two years ago.  Well, I went again in the fall and picked up a really nice Moroccan vase, some peacock feathers, and flowers made of thinly cut wood.  I combined them with some twisted sticks I had in a closet to create a corner display with Stevie Bird. (Sorry for the pajamas in the background...just keeping it real...)

I'll try and be better about posting new updates.  The quality of some of these photos is also pretty bad, but I wanted to get an update out regardless!  I still need to do some individual room reveals too. Even if I only get 1 post out a month it will still be an improvement.  I am still alive! #needmorefreetimeforblogging

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