Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sensational Small Spaces

Sorry for the lack of postings lately.  I've been uber busy this past week with teaching, IKEA-ing, tutoring, my sister's birthday, and prepping for a band concert this weekend.  (It's going to be a fantastic concert.  If you're around I highly recommend you try and come out!  You can check out the website here

Anyway, here is a sampling of some sensational small spaces.  No real point to this post, I just really like these places!  All of these images are courtesy of Small Space Style

Such a bright and airy kitchen and bathroom!

Pinned Image

Love the yellow, so cute!
Pinned Image

Window seat = love
Pinned Image

LOVE this living room.
Pinned Image

Bed nook = ultimate coziness
Pinned Image

I'll be back soon with a construction update!

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  1. It's really coming along, Mel- the inside stuff will go quick, and you'll be in before you know it!
    What's your new address going to be??


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