Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ikea Wishlist

Working at IKEA has one major drawback...I see things I love all the time!  For those of you that don't have an IKEA where you live, I think you should come visit, and I'll introduce you...seriously, you are missing out!  Here are some of the products that I have a huge crush on right now!

Rens Sheepskin:  I love how it looks draped over a couch or chair.  It's also super soft and adds a warm texture to the room.
RENS Sheepskin  

Barometer Track Light:  I would love this in my kitchen.  The standard builder light fixture that comes with my place is super ugly and generic.  A track light would really help direct the light to the different work areas and counters.

Billy Bookcase with Olsbo Doors:  This was the closest picture I could find.  I would love to put half of this product, with a complete glass door, in my kitchen eating area to display all my wine glasses and fancy dishes.
BILLY Bookcase   Veneered surface; gives a natural look and feel. Adjustable shelves can be arranged according to your needs.

Ekenas Armchair:  Loving the lines of this chair, and it's also really comfy (I may have snuck a quick test in while working one day!)  They call the colour dark brown, but it has an almost purple quality to it.
EKENÄS Armchair   High back provides soft and comfortable support for the neck and head.

(via IKEA)

Manstad Sofabed with Storage:  I'm actually saving my pennies for a new sofa.  The one I have now is a love seat that only sort-of allows for laying down, which is a must when watching movies!  This one is great, because you can put the chaise section on either end, and it also has storage for bed linens, and it folds out for when guests come over!  It's a win-win!

Lillangan Bathroom Series:  My bathroom is really small and lacks any kind of storage.  I'm really interested in these small bathroom storage ideas in the Lillangen series.

Those are my top 6 picks right now, but as we get more products in, I'm sure my list is going to increase!  I just wish I could win the lottery or something so I could afford all of them!

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